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    Your Single Source of

    Full Printing Service

    We specialize in commercial offset printing and digital printing services to cover all your needs.

  • T1

    Your Single Source of

    Full Printing Service

    We specialize in commercial offset printing and digital printing services to cover all your needs.

Offset Printing

Offset Printing

Security Printing

Security Printing

Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing



Al-Fanar Printing Press was established in 1975 to serve a market with excellent quality printing at a very competitive price in a timely manner. We are a family owned business and our employees are our extended family.

Our operation in Jordan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The secret to our success is the experience that we gained throughout the years since our establishment in addition to the code that Al-Fanar Printing Press lives by which is a high code of quality that is supported with an up to date facility, highly trained staff and a unique of system of management and marketing.


We Offer a Wide
Range of Services

Since we are living in a time where technology is advancing every day, so does Al-Fanar Printing Press, whether the advances is in our services or in our employees. The employees advance as well in order to keep up with the technology advances we do that by providing them with the necessary opportunities needed to build up their knowledge and skills.

Our main motto is dedication to excellence, which means that every printing job we perform is the best quality at the best possible price.

We want every customer to be happy once they receive their printing job.
Al-Fanar Printing Press provides printing services and solutions to many industries such as Dead Sea products, Pharmaceuticals, Publications, Banking and many others.

Reliability is what
we are known for!

Building customers is our main wealth, since our establishment we have tried to build customers and we have succeeded in doing that. We have also built a name whether in the local or regional market. Some of our clients have been with us since the beginning because they are aware that we use the highest and latest specifications of printing.

Our team is dedicated to provide you with all of your printing needs in order to provide you with outstanding printing services. If you want to making a lasting impression make Al-Fanar your choice for printing because at Al-Fanar you are sure that if that you will get quality printing at a very competitive price. Whatever your printing needs are, you can depend on us because we at Al-Fanar every client is our top priority and every printing job gets our full attention.




Pivotal's Leadership Team

  • Design and Pre-Press

    Design and Pre-Press

    Our art department is equipped with a state of the art computers and full time graphic designers dedicated to provide you the design artwork and colors separation.

  • Full Color Offset Printing

    Full Color Offset Printing

    Our high speed machines can run in multi colors and print from high resolution positives of up to 300 lpi screen rule.

  • Printing & Packaging

    Printing & Packaging

    Our high speed folder/ Glue Machine handles complex packaging jobs for perfumes, soaps, tissue or any other kind of boxes.

  • Spot Colors Offset Printing

    Spot Colors Offset Printing

    High speed modern machines for any spot colors you need.

  • Sticker Labels & Printing Tags

    Sticker Labels & Printing Tags

    We print in silkscreen or in offset process depending on the job. 

  • Inkjet Printing

    Inkjet Printing

    We provide banners and flex signs in many size from 80 cm to 5 meter width or to any length you like.

  • Spot UV & UV Varnish Coating

    Spot UV & UV Varnish Coating

    We provide an elegant finish for special brochures and a protective non-yellowing coating for product packages and other items.

  • Silkscreen Printing

    Silkscreen Printing

    Posters, stickers, labels and promotional giveaway items

  • Die Cut & Embossing

    Die Cut & Embossing

    Enhancing quality and advertisements creative touch to brochures, catalogs, business stationaries and provide functional use in packaging.

  • Plastic Lamination

    Plastic Lamination

    Optional glossy or matte finish for posters, shelf talkers, danglers, mobiles, brochure covers, boxes, calendars and others.


For more than 48 years, we have been delivering world class printing by staying up to date with the offset printing technology. In addition, to our long experience in the market, we offer a wide range of prepress, press and post press services and they are as follows:



Our full-service prepress department provides a wide range of services designed to ensure that you receive an excellent product, free of errors. Al Fanaar uses the latest technological advances.


Using top-of-the-line four- and five-color Heidelberg printing presses, Al-Fanar Printing Press boasts highly diverse, high-speed printing capabilities. Using different sizes of sheet-fed offset printing presses.


In our post-press department, we take care of all the finishing touches, including Perfect binding, Saddle stitching, Hardcover binding, Sewing, Wire Binding, Die Cutting, Embossing, Hot stamping, Holograms, Lamination and Cellophane.



We are in the era where a person can be a victim of fraud, forgery or even counterfeiting that is why in Al-Fanar we have security printing features that will help your printing jobs be safe from any harm. These features include security inks, watermarks, and holograms to guilloche marks, micro printing and anti-copy. They can be used for many things such as Bank Cheques, Academic Diplomas and transcripts, coupons and many more.

Al-Fanar Printing Press also has the highest security measures which means we have 24/7 surveillance and monitoring in our offices. In addition to that, we assure you that none of your printing job and/or designs will be shown to any one not related especially your competitors. After we complete each printing job we shred or recycle any documents that we do not need.



First impressions count, yours & ours!


An initial consultation with one of our charismatic marketing and sales representatives will guarantee the printed results you are looking for. Partner with one of our representatives to discuss the most appropriate solution for your printing and packaging needs. We believe well printed and well-designed materials will aid in giving the clear visual information you need for successful communication. We can analysis the project at hand and offer suggestions to help the job run smoothly and within your budget.


Shape to your ideas and concepts


As well as planning the technical and scheduling aspects that are most appropriate and cost-efficient for a project, od graphic design solutions are a must. At Al-Bander Printing Press we have assembled a team of designers who understand the scope and style requirements of projects large and small. We believe we have created a friendly, helpful and open atmosphere to discuss graphic needs from our team or from your preferred personal graphic designer.


Specific design instructions


Creativity, willingness to listen and time management are key to developing winning image solutions. The first steps are identifying the right design and printing processes for each printing or packaging project. Please have a look at our product and reference page to see the variety of our results. Our reference list and comments by satisfied customers is impressive!.




Whether your require online digital soft proofs, contact proofs, high quality ink jet proofs, blue prints, laser proofs or even offset printed wet proofs. You will find all what you need at Al-Fanar Printing Press.

Even though Computer to Film is a dying technology but through our survey we noticed that people still prefer this way because the longer shell life of film allows them to be stored for a considerable time awaiting future reprints. We provide this service to anyone wanting this kind of service.

Computer to Plate option is available at Al-Fanar Printing Press. The new upgrades will help meet the high demand in non-conventional plates. The two new Kodak Trendsetter 800III Quantum CTPs with online Glunz & Jensen Processors. Our versatile 8-page CTP platesetters offer printing operations of any size with: Outstanding image quality, Maximum efficiency, 

Advanced automation, 10, 20, 25-micron Kodak Staccato Screening to create photorealistic printing and Up to 42 plates per hour.








We are proud to say that we have excellent and prestigious references in the perfume, medical, restaurant, hotel, hospital, banking, manufacturing, trading and business communities.

We have also done extensive work with in the private and vernment sectors. Our reputable customers have put their faith and trust in the abilities of Al-Fanar Printing Press.



Al-Fanar Printing Press is fully committed to protecting the environment and to abide by the environmental regulations that are related to the Printing Industry. We work with all of the concerned agencies to implement the appropriate environmental practices

Therefore, we have implemented the following procedures:
•    Purchasing ods that are appropriate to the environment.
•    We adopted measures that help reduce energy.
•    Recycling paper and plates.
•    Using inks that are based on vegetable oil.
•    We use an after burner that will help cut down our use of gas emissions.
•    We apply soft digital producing.
•    We purchase most of our paper from SAPPI which is 60% sugar cane, chlorine free.
•    We improve the quality of water that will helping in creating less waste thus using less chemicals.
•    We reward our employees if they help in reducing any waste.





122 Queen Rania Al-Abdullah Street
P.O Box 930018, Postal Code 11193 Amman, Jordan.


  + 962 6 51 50 390
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